"Faia Brava" Canteen

Of varying sizes, the cantis coated in white with a printed illustration Faia Brava, are an excellent option to keep fresh water in the field.

PVP.: €20

Dehydrated Mushrooms

In a 25g package, these Boletus mushrooms - also known as Míscaro, Tortulho or even Porcini -, have a slight aroma of nuts and flavored with fresh hazelnuts.

PVP.: € 5

"Faia Brava" Notebook

The “Faia Brava Reserve" notebook is ideal for the most passionate of the reserve, decorated with a photograph of griffon vultures inside and, on the back cover, the photograph of one of the several landscapes of the region with a map of the various EPNs (Spaces For Nature) managed by ATNatureza.

PVP.: €5

"Faia Brava" Wooden Box

Excellent as a picnic basket, decorative, transport or storage box, the "Reserva Faia Brava" wooden box, comes equipped with three tabs on the bottom, and a partition on both sides (bottom and top of the box).

PVP.: €10

Traditional Knifes

Produced by E. Pires - Verdugal and following the design of the knives traditionally used in Portugal, these razors engraved with the symbol of the Faia Brava Reserve are an excellent tool in any trip.

PVP.: €8 (8cm) / €7 (7cm)

Sweet and Salty Almonds

From the region's picks, sweet almonds made with sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla, as well as salads with a touch of pineapple and paprika, are a great snack or aperitif at any time.

PVP: €3.5

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