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TaurOs Programme

Selection and breeding programme of bovines founded on a broad, multidisciplinary scientific base, including geneticists, ecologists, molecular biologists, archaeologists, historians, isotope experts, cattle experts and European cattle breeding organizations.

The Tauros Programme was started by the Taurus Foundation, with the goal to bring back the

best alternative for the extinct Aurochs as a wild animal.

At the Faia Brava Reserve there is a herd of Maronesa, one of the six breed that are nearer the exting Auroch, morphologically and genetically. The objective is to cross with the breed Sayaguesa, from the herd that exists in Reserva Biológica de Campanários de Azaba. (Western Iberia, one of the pilot-areas of Rewilding Europe project is constituted by Faia Brava Reserve and Campanários de Azaba).

The final goal of the programme, to be met in some 20 years, is the presence of the Tauros as a self-sufficient wild bovine grazer in herds of at least 150 animals in several rewilding areas in Europe.


TaurOs Programme - Rewilding Europe
Rewilding Europe
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Objectivos gerais:
Presence of TaurOs as a self-sufficient wild bovine grazer in several rewilding areas in Europe