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Creating spaces for nature

Let's bring back the black stork?


So far trees, horses and land have been open for adoption. This year we have a different proposal. Become a member of ATN or update your annual fee and adopt one of the temporary ponds of the Faia Brava Reserve. With your support we will be able do recover and maintain the temporary and permanent ponds at the Reserve, usual feeding spots for the black stork. The black stork (Ciconia nigra) feeds mainly on fish, amphibians and aquatic invertebrates, which can be found at shallow water places, like ponds, streams and lagoons.

This species nested at Faia Brava until 2011, and it was the last breeding pair at the Special Protection Area (SPA) of the Côa Valley. Over the last 3 years, it has been seen in the region but the nesting place was never confirmed.

Each pond will be adopted by a group of members, who will receive in first hand photos of the inhabitants and visitors of the pond. Participants will also have the chance to participate in a guided tour at Faia Brava, to be held in March 2015, where they will learn about the ponds and discover the characteristics of this special habitat.

For each membership fee, 10€ will be applied on the following conservation actions:

-          Stabilization of the existing banks

-          Promotion of the aquatic vegetation

-          Removal of the invader plant Azolla filiculoides - a water fern that creates a “rug” on the surface, leading to the eutrophication of the water there-by killing the prey of the black stork.

-          Monitoring with camera-trapping devices

These actions are part of the project LIFE 12 NAT/ES/000595 – Club de Fincas, in which ATN is a partner along with Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre and the Universidad de Salamanca.

If you are not a member yet, subscribe at this link. The annual fee is only 20€, and you can pay by a bank transfer or bank check.

If you are already a member, it is as simple as paying your annual fee.

You can also offer this adoption as a Christmas gift: a commitment with nature, the adoption of a pond and a guided tour at the Faia Brava Reserve, in March 2015. Contact us to know more about it.