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We create spaces for Nature (EPN’s)

Created in 2000, the Associação Transumância e Natureza (ATN) is a non-profit and non-governmental environmental organization (NGO) based in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, whose mission is to create spaces for nature (EPN's).

Initially dedicated to the protection of the species of birds of prey that nest in Arribas do Côa (such as the egyptian vulture and Bonelli's eagle), ATN emerges with a regional scope in the protection of the region's natural heritage, through restoration and development ecological.

What we do

Natural values that matter and have to be preserved

It is the owner of more than 1600 hectares among the various EPN's (map), including the Faia Brava Reserve, the first and only private protected area in Portugal, located inside the Côa Valley SPA (Natura 2000 ) and the Côa Valley Archeological Park (Unesco World Heritage).

Like the Faia Brava Reserve, the strategy expands at regional level through the EPN's Ribeira do Mosteiro, Arribas da Mata, "Middle Côa" and Arribas de Fornos, among others, whose natural values are important to preserve and for which ATN is responsible.

In these areas managed by ATN are implemented various conservation actions of the projects in which the Association is partner, such as LIFE "Rupis" and LIFE "Club of Farms for the Conservation of the Iberian West" and the initiative Rewilding Europe.

Within the scope of the projects, ATN’s organizes actions among the community, such as scientific workshops, environmental education sessions, thematic conferences, among others, in order to promote protection and knowledge about Nature.


Moments of beauty in Côa Valley

Eagle Owl

One of the biggest nocturnal birds of prey that can be observed in the region.

Faia Brava Reserve

An area that was cultivated in the 60s, nowadays allows the expansion of the typical arboreal cover of the region.

Herd of Garranos Horses

One of the large herbivores that can be found in semi-wild state in the Reserve, it are a fundamental key to maintaining the landscapes and opening spaces, a great support in the prevention of fires.

Bonelli's eagle

The protection of this endangered species was one of the first missions with which ATN committed itself.

Herd of Maronesas Cows

With a role similar to that of the Garrano Horses, the Maronesas are a rustic cow breed, most similar to their ancestor who lived in the Côa Valley in the Upper Paleolithic period.

Côa River

A tributary of the Douro River, it is the river that crosses the Reserve of Faia Brava and acts as a natural ecological corridor where otters or waterbirds can be found.

Egyptian Vulture

Considered an endangered species in the Iberian Peninsula, this is the smallest of the vultures and a migratory specie that reproduces every year in the Faia Brava Reserve.

Griffon Vultures

Residents in the region, these vultures play a key role in cleaning ecosystems.


Of the most majestic and largest eagles in the region, ATN develops actions to increase the population of wild rabbits, one of its main prey.

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